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This Temari ball was created for Kreinik when we added Japan #7 thread colors. This specialty wrapped fiber has bright lustre and smooth finish. They are as elegant as they come, see
A basic square created on a pin loom can become a coaster immediately (gift items for all your friends!). Make more than one, though, and you can combine them to make a scarf or table runner. Here I used a knitting yarn with Kreinik Ombre in gold for more visual interest.
Two types of silk thread are shown here: Kreinik Silk Mori, a spun silk (the skeins) and Kreinik Silk Serica, a filament silk (the spools). You can see the difference in texture and sheen. From
Metallic threads make any stitched flower stand out. Use them to add texture, dimension and light. These threads are from Kreinik,
These gorgeous, rich shades of purple are in the form of Kreinik Braid. This brilliant thread is meant to be used alone (not used as a carry-along) to add a bolder metallic look to a design. Washable, dry cleanable, available in several sizes to suit different counts of fabric/canvas and different stitches. Explore more here:
Ellen Brown's beautiful Cymatics Sampler needlepoint canvas design is a study of color, texture, and soundwaves.
Whether you are part of a cheerleading group, sports team, or a fundraising coordinator, you can use C.A.K.S. Laces to brighten the corner where you are, support a worthy cause, and put a little fun in your step. Perfect for everyday wear, too.
This needlepoint design, a canvas from Meredith Barnhill of M's Canvashouse, was finished with cording made with two colors of Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille, using the Custom Corder.
These two designs from the Kreinik museum show silver Japan Threads in Braid and Ribbon versions used with silk threads. Notice the visual effect of a shiny thread next to a silk thread—gorgeous. The silver complements so many colors, and looks beautiful next to silver (or clear) beads.
Glow-in-the-dark threads are a fun element to add to any design. They are especially perfect for anything that "glows" in real life, such as moonlight. Photo is from a design by Kreinik.
It's easy to make a stitched ghost glow: use a glow-in-the-dark thread.
Varieties of metallic threads
Metallic threads add light and color to needlework designs. Use them like a spice in cooking—to add interest, a little zip, to keep your design from being bland.
Kreinik silk and metallic threads make a sweet and simple cross-stitched heart.
Kreinik Iron-on Metallic Threads "write" the word Joy on this recycled gift tag.