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Varieties of metallic threads
Metallic threads add light and color to needlework designs. Use them like a spice in cooking—to add interest, a little zip, to keep your design from being bland.
Kreinik silk and metallic threads make a sweet and simple cross-stitched heart.
Kreinik Iron-on Metallic Threads "write" the word Joy on this recycled gift tag.
Detail of Eleanor Levie's Pomegranates quilt
Range of blue metallic threads in the Kreinik Braids and Ribbons line,
Note the wonderful variety of stitches in this needlepoint canvas from Melissa Prince Designs. The stitch guide and stitching was done by Patricia Sone of Creative Stitches and Gifts in Dallas, Texas.
Economy skeins of Kreinik Silk Mori, a 100% pure spun silk for embroidery, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint.
Sam used a variety of stitches in a combination of hand and machine embroidery using metallic threads on silk paper. Kreinik Fashion Twist is used for the machine stitching, while various sizes (thicknesses) of Kreinik Braids are used for the hand embroidery.
Basic butterfly pattern, stitched on Kreinik silk gauze.
Basic butterfly pattern, stitched on Kreinik silk gauze.
Real metal threads add supreme elegance.
Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid is the most popular metallic for cross stitch