Trio Of Body Parts

Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

You know something? You’re made out of meat. You know what else? Meat is a horrible building material. Wool isn’t that much better but let’s take a second to honor our rotting carcasses with a trio of fiber-natomy.

Systems by Dan Beckemeyer

 Anatomical Female A by Hiné Mizushima

Vagina Necklace by Meghan Flett 


Felter Skelter is written by Moxie, who is an artist, fiber pusher and genuine human being. We’re all in the same boat, kid. | |  |  |  @madebymoxie

Moxie Lieberman

Moxie Lieberman is an American artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her primary medium is needle felting, but Moxie expresses ideas with embroidery, cross stitch, e-textiles and more.

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