Stitchgasm – Carand88’s TARDIS Cross Stitch

It’s been a while since we had a TARDIS cross stitch on here, so that’s that sorted then! Thanks Carand88! If you liked that, you’ll love this! Stitchgasm – Five Fantastic Doctor Who Fan Arts! Stitchgasm! – Rhaben’s 3D TARDIS! Stitchgasm! – Domo-kun Baby Bib! Stitchgasm – Life Sucketh Not

Stitchgasm – Glacial Stitches by Spike Dennis

If you’ve been following artist Spike Dennis on Instagram, you’ve seen the eerie, gorgeous images from him recent Arctic Residency. Now you can watch him calving a blue glacier. In stitch! I’m so moved by the beauty of this work. The actual breaking apart of a thread glacier into these…

Stitchgasm – Watarigarasu’s Slytherin Emblem

If you’re going to do some beadwork, why not show your gang colours?¬†Watarigarasu did.   If you liked that, you’ll love this! Stitchgasm – Kjersti Faret’s Self Portrait Stitchgasm – Karen Paust Stitchgasm – Olga Orlova Stitchgasm – Ann’s Orchard’s True Love