Felter Skelter

Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

Hungry? Feast your eyes on this smörgåsbord of delectable felt goodies! I’ve gathered some of the best felt foods (needle felt and wet felt) from around the web, so I hope you will enjoy this artwork that’s good enough to eat.

Baltos Kandys

Baltos Kandys

Baltos Kandys

Baltos Kandys (Lithuania)

Fuzz.e.Food by Kerri Wessel Fuzz.e.Food by Kerri Wessel Fuzz.e.Food by Kerri Wessel

Fuzz.E.Food by Kerri Wessel (United States)

Angela Andrews/Woolly Duck Angela Andrews/Woolly Duck Angela Andrews/Woolly Duck

Angela Andrews/Woolly Duck (UK)
Unfortunately Angela doesn’t seem to have a website anymore, but here is an interview she gave in 2011 to UK Handmade which has a few more photos and some insights into her process.

Die Filzlaus/Beate Bossert Die Filzlaus/Beate Bossert Die Filzlaus/Beate Bossert

Die Filzlaus/Beate Bossert (Germany)

If you’re reaching for a snack right now, you are not alone. These are some seriously scrumptious creations. Thanks for reading, and bon appétit! :)


Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

It’s time for another installment of Best of Etsy! This time, I’ve chosen to highlight some of the more realistic creature creations. I think I gravitate to these because it’s so delightful to discover that something is made of felt after thinking it was a photo at first glance. These artists are adept at capturing fur, feathers, skin, and shell. Squint your eyes, and they will become real!

Daria Lvovsky, needle felted vulture Daria Lvovsky, needle felted jackrabbit Daria Lvovsky, needle felted vulture

These three are the work of Daria Lvovsky and they are some of my favorite pieces of needle felt artwork. The wool is so raw, yet somehow each piece manages to look strikingly lifelike. The vultures in particular are outstanding – each wisp of wool seems both unfinished and intentional. The overall effect is pretty mind-blowing; even after years spent working with fiber, this kind of loose technique completely eludes me. See more at https://www.etsy.com/shop/darialvovsky

Yvonnes Workshop, needle felted frog Yvonnes Workshop, needle felted snail Yvonnes Workshop, needle felted anteater

The next three are from Yvonne’s Workshop. Yvonne has an incredible talent with texture and color. The subtle mottling of color makes the skin of the frog and snail almost appear smooth, defying the wool’s inherent fuzziness, while the anteater is just the opposite, seeming to have both short and long fur! See more of her creations at https://www.etsy.com/shop/YvonnesWorkshop

Hannah Stiles/Ainigmati, needle felted fox familyHannah Stiles/Ainigmati, needle felted quail Hannah Stiles/Ainigmati, needle felted sandpiper

The final three are from Hannah Stiles/Ainigmati. Whether it’s feathers or fur, each piece is perfectly executed, but they also appear sort of soulful, gazing out from their slightly larger than life eyes. These creatures are clearly beloved by their creator, so it was no surprise to learn that Hannah’s-subjects are animals that she herself encounters on her farm and in the surrounding countryside. I think it’s wonderful that she puts her love of animals into each piece, AND that she is able to work with wool that she collects from her own flock of sheep! Read more about Hannah and see more of her work (although be warned, she has quite the waiting list!) at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Ainigmati

As always, thanks for reading!


Zoe Williams

Zo Williams creates needle felt sculptures based on spirits, sacred creatures, and dreams. Her work is concerned with the intersection of the (inner) realm of the collective unconscious and the (outer) kingdom of nature. She lives and works in New York City.

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Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

Last month, I brought you felt artwork in miniature, so in this months column, I would like to show you some equally amazing needle felt work that is larger than life! Like the very tiny, large scale is difficult to achieve in this medium, but not impossible! Read on for some fantastic examples.

Stephanie Metz, Large Flesh and Bone #1 Stephanie Metz, Large Flesh and Bone #2 Stephanie Metz, Flesh and Bone Installation View

Many of you are no doubt familiar with Stephanie Metz – she has been a pioneer of sculptural needle felting for over 10 years and her work is surely among the very best. Her most recent series, Flesh and Bone is no exception. These new pieces aredeveloped first assketches, then clay maquettes, then small scale studies (see pedestals in last photo above), thenfinally as finished pieces that aremeasured in feet rather than inches. She describes these sculptures as human-scale and that they are. At this size, they command attention in a more dramatic way; their visual weight evokes body parts in a way that simply is not possible in small scale. For more images of these and other pieces, please visit her website.

Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty process Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty Hoyuki Sato, Big Kitty

Perhaps the largest needle felted piece I have ever seen is the Big Kitty pictured above! This massive moggieis the work of Japanese artist Hoyuki Sato and his students. Its extreme size creates a humorous role reversal in which the human viewer, dwarfed by the sculpture, becomes the pet. Yes, this kitty pets you! The last photo above is especially wonderful to see because of the joy and excitementin everyone’s faces. I would be amazed too – this sculpture certainly stretches the medium beyond what I personally thought possible.For more images of this piece (and other equally wonderful, if smaller, works) please visit his website.

Thats all for this month. As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me if you have needle felt artwork to share!


Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

While most needle felt work tends to be smaller than life size, the medium doesnt lend itself well to the extreme small scale. Fine detail is difficult to achieve when the piece is smaller than the felting needle itself, not to mention the increased risk of getting a sharp poke to the finger for your trouble. Still, some artists manage to produce wonderful miniatures using the technique, so I’ve dedicated this month’s column to all that is terrifically tiny.

Handmade by November, needle felted guinea pig Handmade by November, needle felted dog Handmade by November, needle felted owl

These first three are the work of Vera Megorskaya/Handmade by November. Most of her creatures are small enough to sit on your fingertip, however even at that size they still manage to have lots of personality. My favorites are the wee guinea pigs. I had guinea pigs as a child and I think she has captured their shy yet inquisitive nature perfectly. For more of Vera’s creations, check out her Etsy shop:https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeByNovember

Mikepanchi Animals, needle felted cat Mikepanchi Animals, needle felted dog Mikepanchi Animals, needle felted cat

These next three are from Mikepanchi Animals. These are perhaps some of the most realistic felt pets I’ve seen at this size. Maybe it’s the little additions like the dog’s bandana or the cat’s whiskers that make them so convincing, but there is no doubt a great deal of skill involved in creating each one. For more, check out Mikepanchi on Etsy:https://www.etsy.com/shop/mikepanchiAnimals

Motley Mutton, needle felted sloth Motley Mutton, needle felted llama Motley Mutton, needle felted opossum

Last but not least, here are some fantastic miniature felt creatures by Nancy Bevins/Motley Mutton. These not only serve as miniature sculptures, but also as wearable art. I especially like the way she has incorporated the string into each piece; whether the animal’s pose is realistic (like the sloth) or more whimsical (like the llama), it’s not just a hanging device. I’m completely charmed by their friendly faces and I bet wearing one would make people smile all day. Her shop is currently empty, but here’s hoping she ads more soon!https://www.etsy.com/shop/motleymutton

Ive always been a huge fan of extremely tiny things, and I’m very pleased to have one of my very own miniature felt sculptures in a show coming up next month: “Minuscule” at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA. Check it out for more mini goodness and as always, thanks for reading!


Mr X