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Male Embroiderers

John Paradiso's Pansies
Dale Rouse - What a handsome man
Anthony Stevens - Modern Man - Hand Embroidery
Viking-Age horse design by Erich Campbell
William Schaff's What Cheer Hand Embroidered Patch
Johan Ronstrom's Space Invader Cross Stitch
Oh Sew Nerdy Cross Stitch Exhibition at Gallery88
James Fox- The Way - Quilt
Keith Clark's Cross Stitched Credit Card
Tom Katsumi - General Election Live Stitch
Tod Hensley - Self, half-possessed, surrounded by demons. The f*cking tic junked up my eye
Ben Venom Show
Jude & Eloise
Spike Dennis - Content Moderated
I'm Not From This Planet Patch
Jimmy Brunt's Mixed Media Portrait
Paul Yore, Everything Is Fucked 2011. Private collection.
Lightsaber Blueprint
Bugambilö - Galatea - Hand Embroidery
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