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It’s March, what does that mean?

Time really does speed up as you get older? Yes.

Spring is in the air? Yes.

It also means that it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, so this post is all about me!
I would guess that most of you have seen the “3 for 5″ art challenge around facebook. It’s where you post three photos of your artistic creations every day for five days.

It’s been great to look at everyone’s work and see how people evolve as artists. It was also interesting for me at a time when I am trying to shift my focus away from plush a little. Not that I will ever give up plush but sometimes you have to try new things to keep the old things fresh.

I thought I would share my 3 for 5 with you.
Day 1 shows a group of Pickle Punks, one of these was my very first sell on Etsy. It’s my one very early design that I still love.
Also pictured is “Oh La Talulah” she was made for a plush team challenge which had an “Iron Chef” theme. We were each given ingredients that we had to include, mine was faux fur. I don’t know why she has pasties, I think it was because she was going to be bare breasted!┬áThe third picture for day one is a 2010 edition of Stuffed magazine where two of my plush appeared on the cover.


day 1


On day 2 I chose to feature a plush graffiti wall, made as a gift for someone. The sarlacc pitlow which was made for a gallery show called “Stitch Wars”, the photo of it went a bit viral and not all comments about it were complimentary!! Then there is the plush bike, made for a local bicycle themed show.


day 2
On day 3 I shared tater tots, a spider baby and “Down went Alice“.


day 3
Day 4 shows my blender, which blended (eye roll) my love of plush, fruit, sparkle vinyl, retro things and small kitchen appliances all in one. I added my Yoda who was my first prototype for Funko and a group of mushrooms.


day 4
for the last day I chose Audrey II, I still have some coffee tins waiting to be filled with little Audreys here and Little Shop of Horrors is one of my all time favourite films. Of course I had to add I the plush totem pole





, even if it wasn’t designed by me at 9 feet tall it was still a feat of engineering! Then lastly and still my favourite piece ever was the gumball machine…if you can accurately guess how many gumballs are in it I will send a small prize..
Happy Birthday to me!!


Somehow, Portugal artist Maria Filipe’s Mr. Rainy Cloud turns the gloom of rainy days upside down.

Mr. Rainy Cloud, by Maria Filipe.

Mr. Rainy Cloud, by Maria Filipe.

Sweet expression, playful design and masterful needlefelting!

Detail from Mr. Rainy Cloud.

Detail from Mr. Rainy Cloud.

Check out more of her charming work on her flickr stream, her website and etsy shop.

Too Cute Tuesdays are brought to you in association with our friends over at Feeling Stitchy!



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I am very excited about this month’s post, I interviewed the team behind “A Monster to Love“.


a monster to love 2
There is everything to love about these plush makers and the work they do and it seems only fitting that in this, the month of love, I get to share their story with you.
Twin brothers Sam and Benjamin are doing something wonderful with the help of their dad Ray, read on…


 a monster to love, monster makers Benjamin and Sam


A Monster to Love, how does it work?

When someone buys a monster from A Monster to Love we give a monster to a child who could really use a monster to love. We work with hospitals and agencies such as the United Way, the Red Cross and Realities for Children to distribute our monsters.


a monster to love, toothy grin


– How did the idea for this come about?

It all started somewhat by accident. We made monsters to send to some refugee children who, just arrived in the US and were in the hospital. After we made them and before we packed them up we took a photo and posted it on Facebook. Our friends and family started asking if they could buy them and now here we are 3 years and over 2000 monsters given away.


 a monster to love, monster recipients


– Who is in charge of what? Are all the monsters made by your team or do you have some extra helpers?

Benjamin is the chief monster designer, Sam is the superstar sewer and I am the filler inner wherever we need help, making phone calls, sewing, packing/shipping and driving the boys and monsters around the country.

Occasionally we have worked with friends to keep up with our orders. We have had a lot of orders lately and we are also working on getting monsters into more stores, so we are currently looking to hire some folks to help reach all of our 2015 goals.


a monster to love, Sam amd Benjamin


-What is a “Monster Drop“.

A Monster Drop is what we call it when we deliver monsters to agencies or hospitals, this is our favorite part of what we do. We think everyone should have a monster to love so it is always fun to give away monsters. January was a great month as we gave away over 100 (109 monster to be exact).

We also had our first Monster Drop to Mending Faces who will be doing cleft lip and palette surgeries with 60 children in the Philippines. Not only is this our first delivery to them it is our first group of monsters delivered outside the US.


a monster to love, candy corn monsters


– Any exciting plans for 2015?

Well our main goal as always is to give away as many monsters as possible. Other than that we are hoping to grow our business add more stores to the list, especially outside of Colorado. To help us with all of these goals we are going to need to hire some people to help us create monsters so that is very exciting for us.

I think one of the most exciting things that happened this year already, just a couple days ago actually was being included in the Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome. We are honored that when the book about being awesome was published we were on page 175!!


a monster to love


Thanks Benjamin, Sam and Ray, keep up the good work!! Click on the highlighted links to find them :)


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Becky Gould is the big kid behind Scrumptious Delight. Working from her home in Vancouver, BC she makes plush toys and soft sculptures that combine a love of food, all things furry and an unnatural appreciation of small appliances.

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