Book Review – From Art to Stitch

Mr X Stitch Book Review

From Art to Stitch by Janet Edmonds 

Published by Search Press

Introduction A part of ‘The Textile Artist’ series, this book sees artist Janet Edmonds creating mixed media textile related pieces of art; all inspired by other famous artists.  She doesn’t stop at those related to textiles, within this volume we see pieces inspired by Van Gogh and Matisse to name just a few. With its flexi bound durable cover, is this one for you? Who is it aimed at? Those interested in mixed media art or textiles.  It is especially alluring for those with an interest in Fine Art or artists related to this genre, as Edmonds inspiration touches upon artists such as Kandinsky, Gogh etc. About the artist Her own website tells us: Janet Edmonds trained at East Berkshire College, Windsor and The University of Hertfordshire, completing a BA (Hons) in Art and Design in 1998. She has many years experience of teaching City & Guilds courses in Embroidery in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, and also runs courses for the Embroiderers’ Guild. Her own work is mainly three-dimensional and is based on natural forms and landscapes. When not teaching, gardening and walking in the beautiful countryside where she lives provide Janet with the inspiration for her drawing, painting and stitching.


The book is divided into chapters, each one covering a particular artist:
from art to stitch - contents list
Who is your ‘go to’ artist?
As covered in the image below, Edmonds teaches us certain techniques to merge with the artists she uses to inspire.  We may need to learn to create texture for one of the projects within this book – thus this inclusion.
What background do we want to make?
Edmonds is the master of her subject.  Each project, inspired by a particular artist is well laid out, with easy to follow diagrams, each illustrated well so we can visually understand where to go with each one…..
This isn’t a run of the mill Textile art book, the artists who have inspired her really give a fresh take on what textiles can be, or what we can make it…from art to stitch

Photography and what makes this book special….

Lots of artist inspired images fill the pages of this book, to showcase the art to stitch idea.  Having them to cover the entire page, really helps us to clarify her methods and stitches.
Clever use of photography here, to divulge Edmonds’ tools…
The artist lets us into her process via large images to showcase her materials; in this case what paints she uses.  This keeps our nosey minds happy!
Seeing famous artists work in a new medium is quite a special things to behold…from art to stitch

What is wrong with the book?

There is nothing wrong with it, unless the subject matter marrying Fine Art and Textiles together isn’t your thing.


From stitched squares to a purse, there are plenty of ideas to keep you busy. Get your copy of From Art to Stitch by Janet Edmonds Published by Search Press