Ode to A Perfect, Simple Hat

Millinery Operations with Kristin Silverman

Let’s take a minute to talk about this awesome hat in Wonder Woman:

Lookin’ good, Diana!

It’s so plain. It’s so simple. … And it’s so perfect!

It suits the character perfectly. She doesn’t want something frilly or fussy. Hats in 1918 were transitioning from the large Titanic-era hats to the smaller shapes of the 1920s. But they could still be big and flashy. Check out these two hats from museums:

Early 1900s hat from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Straw and silk hat, 1918. Via the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

But what about the movie hat? Is it historically accurate or just character appropriate? (After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that a movie adopted anachronistic fashions to please a modern audience.)


Women’s beaver fur felt hat, ca. 1918. Via Minnesota Historical Society.


Woman’s hat, 1918. Via Philadelphia Museum of Art.


And if you think her costume looks like a uniform, you’d be right! Here are two historic uniforms with similar styles:

Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps uniform, 1917, UK. Via Manchester Art Gallery.
Uniform by Abercrombie & Fitch, 1917. Via Metropolitan Museum of Art.


If you’ve read any other posts by me, you know that I’m more than a little obsessed with both costumes and historical fashion. But the other thing I adore about this hat is how timeless it is. I could see it being worn in the ’70s or with a vintage outfit. Or it could be worn just as easily today. Pair it with jeans, a cute pair of heels and a nice blouse, and you’re ready to go! Wonder Woman’s perfect, simple hat is classic and so stylish. Why not find an ideal goes-with-everything hat of your own?

You might have to take the hat off when you really get into some battles.


Everybody’s hat game was on point in this movie.