Stitching n Junk

Stitching n Junk

For over two years Stitching n Junk, the world’s best stitching podcast was hosted by Mr X Stitch and Beefranck, bringing the best interviews with stitch artists and irreverent banter!

There are 25 episodes in our back catalogue for you to enjoy!

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcasts as much as we enjoyed making them!

Big love,

Mr X Stitch and Beefranck

19 thoughts on “Stitching n Junk

  • I just finished listening to episode 8. I am thankful that you all do this podcast.

  • OMG. I’ve been MEANING to listen to these, but only just recently got around to DL’g all of the episodes. I’m about halfway through them (just finished Episode 8), and HAD to write in.

    First, you’re quite right. It is absolutely the BEST stitching podcast in the world. I love it. It makes me literally laugh out loud, to the consternation of my plane seatmates or co-workers.

    Definitely the best “info-tainment” out there. PLEASE keep it up, and keep up the fabulous work.

    aka Giddy99

  • I saw the felted bats on Pintrest. They lead me to your site.
    Do you sell them?
    I looked all about and could not find them.
    They are beautiful and outstanding!

  • Hi, I just found out about your podcast and I wanted to listen to it. However, the download links for episodes 1-7 aren’t working, I haven’t tried the rest yet.

  • I am a male cross stitcher took on board to keep fingers somewhat nimble. I am in my 60’s and disabled spending my days in a wheelchair. I have always had a flair for being artistic. My mother taught me to be able to look after my self if ever the need arose. Resulting in my being able to cook, sew.knit, Draw, paint as well as cross stitch, the latter being self taught. I have always felt embarrassed at declairing my passion for CS. It started purely as a need but I became more and more addicted it now commands most of my awake periods. I am now more relaxed due to my understanding that I am not the only male stitcher.

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