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When Melissa Calderon found herself in a prolonged period of unemployment, she chose to spend her time stitching.

You can see her work on display at Hunter College in New York City in the show entitled Labor. Check it out!

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Beefrancks Emporium Features The Best Pop Culture Needlecraft On The Planet!

It’s no secret that we love Giggly Mama here at Mr X Stitch. She makes the coolest stuff, and both Mr X and I have both had the honor of meeting the lovely lady herself in person.
GigglyMama's Storm Trooper Star Wars Hand Embroidery

So I was super excited to see new work from her – and it’s a Star Wars series to boot! What more could I want?

GigglyMama's AT-AT Star Wars Hand Embroidery

GigglyMama's Biker Scout Star Wars Hand Embroidery

If you want one of these pieces you can buy them at Giggly Mama’s etsy store. You can also see more of her work in her photostream. You’ll be glad you did!

GigglyMama's Tie Fighter Star Wars Hand Embroidery
GigglyMama's Darth Vader Star Wars Hand Embroidery

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Thanks to salford1 for letting me know about the amazing feat she accomplished – cross stitching 10 of the 11 Doctors!

Salford1's remarkable 10 Doctors cross stitch

Salford1's 10th Doctor Who - David Tennant - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 9th Doctor Who - Christopher Eccleston - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 8th Doctor Who - Paul McGann - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 7th Doctor Who - Sylvester McCoy - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 6th Doctor Who - Colin Baker - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 5th Doctor Who - Peter Davison - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 4th Doctor Who - Tom Baker - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 3rd Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 2nd Doctor Who - Patrick Troughton - Cross Stitch

Salford1's 1st Doctor Who - William Hartnell - Cross Stitch

I can’t even imagine how long this took her to complete. That is dedication and true fandom. See more detail and more of her work here.

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I saw this work posted on tumblr and I love it so much I wanted to share it here.

Holly, who created these pieces, says: As a fairly new analogue photography addict, I have an increasing collection of photo prints and very little room to store them. (I live in a space only marginally bigger than a cupboard.) And since I’m not quite that world-renowned photographer capturing something breathtaking in every frame (yet) I imagine that trying to sell the prints would result in a drop in self-esteem and no increase in storage space.

But then, armed with the knowledge that Carl Sagan makes everything better, I had the idea of using the prints as fabric on which to stitch quotes from the book Cosmos. And so here are the beginnings of my little art project, Postcards From The Cosmos.

This series makes me happy. I can’t wait to see what Holly comes up with next.

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