Liz Kueneke

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch
Next week I’m going to be having a stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show in Dublin, which is going to be awesome!

The side-effect of this is that life is a bit hectic here at Mr X Stitch Towers, so the next couple of Edge posts are going to re-introduce you to some of that have been featured in posts gone by. Here’s a selection from 2009!




There’s eight inspirational people for you to enjoy!

If you’re in Ireland next week, come along to the show. I’m going to be on stand N27, with some inspirational stitchery to look at, my emoticon cross stitch kits for you to buy and I’ll be signing copies of PUSH Stitchery to boot!

If you’re in luck you might also get to meet the fantastic Ellen Schinderman!

Come along and say hi! :)


The Cutting & Stitching Edge is brought to you in association with my new book!

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Mr X Stitch presents the Cutting & Stitching Edge

It’s amazing that Mr X Stitch is one year old.

I can’t quite explain how it’s happened, but a year ago I wrote the obligatory “This is my blog” introductory post and off I went:

It’s an attempt to funk up the world of cross stitch a bit, and stems from my frustration at the lack of decent patterns for men, and for people with a bit of style. I’ve had enough of country cottages and kittens playing with balls of wool. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they bring joy and happiness to a lot of people. Just not me.Mr X Stitch, 27th August 2008.

I still stick by that first statement – I prefer country cottages and kittens in real life, rather than embroidery, but that’s my particular persuasion.

What’s been astonishing about this site is that it’s introduced me, and you, to a huge array of stitch superstars who create magnificent works:

William Schaff's What Is Human

Like William Schaff, whose work just blew me away when I saw it. And I’ve also gotten to know a lot of very creative individuals, such as the inimitable Benjibot!


And the legend that is Ruby42 (NSFW).

It’s been terrific over the past year how people have manifested their own expression with a needle and thread.

The Nu Craft Movement is growing and the increase in stitched pieces that we’ve seen appear over at the Phat Quarter indicate how popular stitching is becoming. It’s a great time to be a stitcher.

I still blame this person for a lot of what’s gone on here:

Our Core Value [via Beefranck]

If Bridget hadn’t come on board, this site would still be crap. But her enthusiasm and endeavour has brought us all kinds of wonder. And for that, we are all grateful. Thanks Beef! :)

We’ve had some exciting finds over the year. The discovery of Severija‘s amazing embroidered metalwork was a good moment:

Severija's embroidered metal

Particularly as we were able to also feature Lynette Andreason’s embroidered silverware on the same day:

LynetteA's embroidered metal - Slipping Away

And we’ve had some terrific concepts, like Girli Concrete:

Girli Concrete 3

Tinyhaus‘ embroidered porcelain:

Diem Chau's Embroidered Porcelain

And Liz Kueneke, who uses stitching to engage with communities:

Liz Kueneke Bangalore embroidered social history map

It’s terrific to see new ideas emerge and to discover people who have so much to offer – long may it continue.

There have been some stitched pieces this year that have pushed at the boundaries of the genre, in a variety of ways. The thing I like about this is that each push opens up more creative ground, and gives other people space to explore.

I hope we get more works that continue to break new ground, and I also hope we get to see more stitchy animation stuff  – that baby’s got loads of potential.

So it’s onwards and upwards for the next year – who knows what we’ll find along the way?


If you know of anyone that should be featured on this or any of our posts, just email me, or Beefranck, with your ideas. We love hearing from you!

So, now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!


No, seriously YAY! Who would like to win a gift pack from the fantastic Subversive Cross Stitch!?!?!

(A bit like, but not exactly the one below!)

You'll get one like this!

I want to know your thoughts:

Tell me about stitching, what does it mean to you?

What stitchy stuff excites you? What inspires you?

Competition Rules:

The closing date for this competition is Midday (GMT) on Thursday 3rd October.

The winning comment will be chosen by a random number generator and announced in a post on the same day.

The winner will not be eligible for any of the other prizes in the competition – if their comment is chosen at random in a subsequent competition, another number will be chosen.

The winners will be contacted by email and the details for postage arranged therewith.

(Ha! I said “therewith”! I love all that – “herein”, “forthwith”, “henceforth” etc. Magic words!)

Anyway, come and comment and best of luck to all of you.

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Mr X Stitch presents the Cutting & Stitching Edge

Liz Kueneke is an artist who works with communities to help them understand their neighborhood through participatory embroidery. She recently became involved in a project in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Several people worked on this embroidered map, adding their own details and information to flesh it out, and this was the final result:

Fabric Map of Bushwick by Capital B

She has also worked with other communities in Los Angeles:

Liz Kueneke Los Angeles embroidered social history map


Liz Kueneke Bangalore embroidered social history map

And Manhattan:

Liz Kueneke Manhattan embroidered social history map

This is a fantastic idea, as the participants add value to the embroidered maps with their own experiences. It provides a social history to the area that you wouldn’t get from municipal maps.

Liz Kueneke Manhattan embroidered social history map

For more information on the Buskwick project, you can visit her Flickr photostream, or visit her gallery for pictures of the other communities she has worked with. Superb stuff.

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