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Royal School of Needlework

Future Tutor Auburn Lucas gets down to detail with the wives of the Ambassadors from Costa Rica and Ecuador as they look at her blackwork embroidery.
Boxwork by RSN Future Tutors Alumni Deborah Wilding - (c) RSN 2015
Royal School of Needlework
Kate Barlow 'Smuggler' Silk Shaded Embroidery
Whitework Example from the Royal School of Needlework exhibition
Young Embroiderers In Action
Royal School of Needlework Haberdashery
Spring Knitting & Stitching Show
Lots of stitchy action at the Mr X Stitch Inspiration Station
Susan Kay Williams - The Story of Colour in Textiles
ViceLikePlague - Blackwork
Stitchalicious' flaming heart
James Hunting's Hand Embroidery