NSFW Saturday – 10 Sweary Stitches!

Mr X Stitch presents NSFW Saturday - the naughtiest needlework on the planet!

At Mr X Stitch, we pride ourselves on being unabashed in our promotion of NSFW stitching. It’s okay to use a needle and thread to say rude things, honestly. Here’s ten examples that might inspire you. Warning – they’re rude! (D’uh!)

StephXStitch's Piss Off Cross Stitch
With a lovely flowery border and a kind message, this piece by StephXStitch is ideal for any modern home!
Polkadottenmoocows' shit cross stitch
PolkedDottedMooCow delivered cross stitch versions of all seven of George Carlin’s favourite swear words!
Cock cross stitch sampler by Beefranck
Beefranck makes one of the biggest nicest looking cocks we’ve had on the site!


Mr X Stitch's Bad Motherfucker Cross Stitch
Inspired by Pulp Fiction, it’s Mr X Stitch’s Bad Motherfucker Hand Embroidery!
Fucking Fuck cross stitch by Phyrbyrd
Phybyrd’s blackwork rendition of this classic retort is superb! Perfect for a friend or, er…
Mooosh Drops The C-Bomb
Mooosh gives us a nice cross stitched motto – ideal for the homestead or your place of work!
Tucker's Law by Shoot Coward
It’s Tucker’s Law! In cross stitch! A thing of beauty by Shoot Coward
be my cum dumpster by vsc
Maybe not the Cross Stitch you want to make for your girlfriend, but y’know, we’re not judging you! Thanks VSC!
Julie Jackson's Subversive Cross Stitch - because fuck you that's why
Julie Jackson’s Subversive Cross Stitch set a new bar for this kinda stuff and if you want to know why she did it…
Maybe this post has got a bit much for you. We understand, you need some alone time. Dace has just the answer!


There ya have it – ten sweary stitches for your enjoyment! If you like ’em, share ’em. If you stitch ’em, tell us about it!


NSFW Saturdays are brought to you in association with Subversive Cross Stitch, the original snarky stitching site!