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2008 – A Year In Review Part One!
Ever since the Mr X Stitch blog came into being, I’ve been scouring the four corners of the globe to bring you people who are pushing the boundaries of needlecraft. Well, I say “scouring”, perhaps “finding by luck” or “reading loads of other people’s blogs and borrowing their ideas”.


Either way, there’s been some pretty groovy stuff out there, and I thought it would be good to look back over the posts and see what I found:

We started off with Ulrika Erdes’ cross stitch graffiti, which is something I will be trying one day. Next time I have to get the train to anywhere far away, I’m taking my stitchery with me!

Next up was Leah and her crotch stitch etsy store. Not safe for work or children, Leah’s patterns push boundaries and buttons!

Then there was the exploration into blackwork, with works by people like Alexcateye. I like the potential of blackwork and over at Knit-R-Done, some clever pieces are being created as a form of self-help. This gun is an example of her work, and I really like it.

Then I managed to get hold of one of Cathiphop’s brilliant pieces of graffiti stitchery. Which is on the wall of my dining room as an integral part of my growing contemporary embroidery collection.

And then there was Richard Saja and his embellishments of historical prints and other impressive works. He continues to produce incredible stuff and is worth checking out if you’ve not seen his work before.

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