• The Nature Of Creativity

    The Nature Of Creativity

    The Nature Of Creativity written by Jane E Hall is a timely book for our age, focusing on how our connection with nature can inspire us and evoke creativity from within. She discusses how a number of things connect together, such as mindfulness and the power of nature to make us feel positive coupled with a desire to create art and craft. You will learn how to nurture creativity to become an artist, using inspiration starting on your own doorstep. Read more

  • Needlepoint stitching basics!

    Needlepoint stitching basics!

    This month I thought I would jump in and share some of the stitching fundamentals, the handy hints to help you get started putting thread to canvas. Read more

  • Healing Nature of Quilts

    Healing Nature of Quilts

    There are man reasons why people quilt. Like, perhaps, all forms of handwork, quilting seems to incite introspection, dreams, memories, and much more as our mind and soul become immersed in the process of making something. We will look at how quilting can heal in this issue of Quilty Pleasures by Julie Rodgers. Read more

  • New Ways To Revamp Your Style With Embroidery

    New Ways To Revamp Your Style With Embroidery

    Embroidery is back in a big way as people are now gravitating towards high quality, unique, and more interesting heirloom-worthy pieces instead of plain designer clothing or ones with nondescript prints. Check out these new ways to revamp your style with colorful embroidery.  Read more

  • Four Felters to Follow on Instagram

    Four Felters to Follow on Instagram

    In this Felter Skelter column, Zoe Williams shares four top needle felting artists who have social media profiles on Instagram and also often have their own shops online. Read more

  • Boro – The Art Of Necessity

    Boro – The Art Of Necessity

    This book Boro – The art of necessity is actually a companion to an exhibition under the same same, at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Sweden. Yet it serves as a beautiful piece of literature to own in its own right, that is why we wanted to review it. Read more

  • XStitch Issue 20 – MYSTERY – Is Out Now!

    XStitch Issue 20 – MYSTERY – Is Out Now!

    Issue 20 of XStitch Magazine blows that myth apart! Our Mystery issue features fourteen original cross stitch patterns from some of the best designers in the business, all of whom have put their spin on the mysterious theme! Want to find out what you can sink your needle into? All will be revealed! Read more

  • The Mending Directory

    The Mending Directory

    Have you got a load of old clothes which are too sentimental to bin but too ruined to use? Using The Mending Directory, become inspired how you can salvage them and give them a new life. With over fifty patterns and ideas, there will be one to suit your item. Read more

  • Nicole O’Loughlin – Strong Stories Softly Stitched

    Nicole O’Loughlin – Strong Stories Softly Stitched

    Nicole O’Loughlin is an embroidery artist from Tasmania whose embroidered artworks tell fearless tales with dry humour and a sharp eye. Read more

  • Is Needle Felting Difficult?


    Needle Felting is not difficult, it simply takes practice. There are plenty of good guides both online and in books to help you practice and learn the techniques involved. In this post we will explain what needle felting is, what tools are required as well as showcasing some artists who have used this art form. Read more