• Textile Folk Art

    Textile Folk Art by Anne Kelly explores traditional folk art collections from all over the world, explaining their association with Textile art and craft. In this book Kelly reveals how contemporary Textile artists have used inspiration from samplers, quilts, icons and traditional motifs to produce new and exciting work today. This guide contains many easy to follow step-by-step projects, so readers can practice and apply what they learn. Read more

  • Stitch Your Story

    Stitch Your Story Installation

    Welcome to Stitch Your Story, an international exhibition of embroideries exploring people’s sense of place and where they came from. You can browse the work by clicking on an image from the list below, or hit the big button to visit the list of countries! Read more

  • Anne Kelly

    Anne Kelly - #stitchyourstory

    Location: Kent Featured Places: Canada, Kent (UK) annekellytextiles My Life Journey In Reverse – Postcard to Canada from Kent Read more

  • Stitch Your Story – United Kingdom

    Here are the Stitch Your Story contributions from the UK. You can enjoy a specific work by clicking on the image below! Read more

  • Take Five – Q&A with Anne Kelly

    It is all in the detail - a snapshot view of one of Kelly's beautiful nature inspired pieces - we wonder what her exhibition will hold

    Textile artist Anne Kelly has just released a wonderful new book: Textile Travels (check out our recent review here). We thought that this would be the ideal time to catch up with her and dig a little deeper… 1.  Where Did Your Book Idea Come From For Textile Travels? I had always included elements of […] Read more

  • Textile Travels by Anne Kelly

    Textile Travels by Anne Kelly

    Anne Kelly’s Textile Travels takes us on journeys to places we may never get to visit ourselves, whilst encouraging us to look at what is around us. The whole publication is well illustrated and showcases the work of many artists as well as Kelly’s own offerings; making for a balanced, practical guide. Read more

  • Anne Kelly – Park Walk Birds Series

    During the current pandemic, our lives have become truncated and our journeys are mainly close to home. I explored my first project created during lockdown in a previous post for Mr. X Stitch called Quarantine Quilt. As it became clear that many of my teaching commitments for the rest of 2021 were being postponed or […] Read more

  • Anne Kelly: Quarantine Quilt – A Lockdown Project

    Anne Kelly: Quarantine Quilt – a Lockdown Project As told to Ailish Henderson: Like everyone this year, the end of March felt like ‘falling off a cliff’. I had just returned from some workshops in the West Country and in America with the lovely ‘French General’ in Vermont. Suddenly all of my teaching was postponed, […] Read more

  • Beat the blues with Batsford – Five ideas for your library!

    Mr X Stitch Book Review

    Beat the blues with Batsford – Five ideas for your library! Okay, so during this time of uncertainty, we may be in ‘Lockdown’ at home.  Will we use our time wisely?  Over the next while we will be posting articles on things you can do to get out of the ‘oh my goodness what’s happening?!’ […] Read more

  • Birds Of A (Felt) Feather


    Spring is here! In the northern hemisphere, the weather is warming, sun is shining, and flowers are beginning to bloom. I love watching my bird feeder to see who it will attract. This month, I’ve been bird watching online too and I’ve got a great collection of felt birds to share with you! Lycka Linda […] Read more