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Adam Pritchett Nature Embroidery
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It's cute embroidery brought to you by Mr X Stitch

This month I am focusing on the work of Adam Pritchett…..

It’s June, it SHOULD be warm, we SHOULD be out having those nature walks we all think we SHOULD be doing…..blah blah blah….or on wetter days, we could just indulge in Pritchett, who has been out there, been inspired and put it before our very eyes:

Queen Bee - 2016. Adam Pritchett
Queen Bee – 2016.  Adam Pritchett

I was lucky enough to see this piece at an exhibition recently.  Check out this post for more info!

Our very own Jessica Taylor recently featured Prichett’s work, check her post out here.

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Oh, and please check out Adam’s website for more back to nature glory. The combination of hand embroidery and natural content is guaranteed to ease all your cares away. Then June can just be whatever.

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