Adventures in Time & Lace – Marian Núñez

Adventures in Time & Lace

The days are getting shorter and it’s a dark and rainy day out there as I write this, on a November afternoon. I feel like we need something bright in lacemaking this month to cheer us. Cue Marian Núñez!

Núñez is a Spanish artisan lacemaker and an Art History, Design, Drawing and Lacemaking teacher at the Arts & Crafts School in Vigo. Núñez explores the experimental and avant garde side of lacemaking. She wants to create lace in innovative ways using shape, structure, volume and colour. Her lace artwork is vibrant and intriguing.

Marian Núñez - Alone - lace and sea glass Photo Credit: Marian Núñez
Marian Núñez – Alone – lace and sea glass Photo Credit: Marian Núñez

In a feature in Spanish journal Obradoiro de artensania, Núñez talks about her work and her lacemaking processes. She describes volume being a key factor in her pieces. Instead of having paintbrushes and paints I have lots of coloured threads, diverse materials, silk, cotton, linen… Núñez describes using traditional stitches in a contemporary way. In lacemaking, if the basic stitches are used in a different way, moved differently, new possibilities emerge.

Marian Núñez - Coraza Photo Credit: Marian Núñez
Marian Núñez – Coraza Photo Credit: Marian Núñez

Núñez defines her works as organic and takes her inspiration from everything that surrounds her. She also says that music plays a very important role in her creation process, something I find very interesting. It makes me work in a different way, fluctuate; sometimes I have the feeling that the threads are flying. Feelings are very important to her, Núñez talks about needing to find something else in the thread when it was cut, life was taken from it and with her lacemaking she tries to give life back to the threads in a different way.

Marian Núñez - I'm Waiting For You Photo Credit: Marian Núñez
Marian Núñez – I’m Waiting For You Photo Credit: Marian Núñez


Tracey Wright

Tracey Wright is an NHS Recovery Worker by day & trying to be creative at all other times! Tracey is a member of the Aragon Lacemakers, who work to keep the making of handmade Bedfordshire lace alive by learning & making lace together. Tracey was taught to make handmade bobbin lace at school as a child & has returned to this craft in the past few years. Tracey is interested not only in learning about the history of lacemaking & its vast range of styles & techniques to contribute to preserving this traditional craft, but also in exploring how lacework is being used in art & craft today in new & exciting ways to show it is still fresh & contemporary.

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