The Ailist – Issue Eleven

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!A question of repair:  Part One

So, considering my exhibition opens at the end of this month, I thought this issue could be a little more solemn and focus on the themes I have been working on for the past year or so.  I recently wrote an article for a University website and I think some of the points are worth posting here.

January is international creativity month, yet surely every month should be one of development, so lets bring this through February.

Can this creativity help us?  What do I mean?

Art can be fun and frivolous, yet it can also have hidden depth.  My point of research began, from wondering what was behind the fun?  Was there a hidden depth?  A message?  Or did the act of creating have power, no matter the outcome?  Thus my exploration on…, namely emotional repair and its tie with making.

Without going too deep, cos hey, this is a site where we celebrate Textile art and all it’s grizzly shenanigans, here’s a little insight into the investigation surrounding my exhibition……

Maker:  Mended

(As shown at The Spring Knitting and Stitching show, Olympia, London,  28th February -3rd March 2019)

A few little spoilers!

Suffocate (2018)

How do we wear our memories, do they control us?  Suffocate us?  The piece above is a discussion of these ideas, using a specialised film to present negative images.

Inspection (2019)

Another negative image, zoomed in via a lens, with embroidery to denote the figures in the image.

I cant let too much out ahead of time, but there you go, there is a little window view of what will be on show!

I will also have loads of my Printed Textile work there, so you can even take home a memento from the show 😉

Seriously though, I think its worth thinking about this subject.  How can art be a form of repair for the maker?  Is it even needed?  That is up to you all individually, but hey, I hope the exhibition material at least sets your talking….

I am of course not the only one who has explored this subject, loads of fellow artists have used repair as either a driver within their work or a very obvious message within their work.  Next month I will take a look at a few examples….

Till next time!!


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