The Ailist – Issue Four

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!Okay, so I now have the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair over……….but thought I would share with you one artist who I had my beady eyes on (or rather her work) from the prison, which was my stall 🙂   ………….. (P.S check out my Instagram for more on the GNCCF)

Karen Suzuki

Who is she?

Based in Glasgow, she creates mixed media 3D textile pieces, which generally centre around animal themes.  They are not your perfect cutesy, all sewn up with the correct stitch pieces.  They are one off Nameless Wonders (her title not mine).

Grins like no other, cute or eerie?

I’ve seen her work published in books before (check this one out), but I had no idea the size of her pieces or even what they would feel like.  The answer?  Ornament size, not too big, not to small…..oh and pretty tactile, the sort of work you just have to touch.

Oh he’s just so adorable! (In my opinion)

She began her career in Ceramics and then moved into Textiles.  Maybe that’s why she works 3D?!

If you get a chance take a look at her website.

On another note, due to circumstances I couldn’t attend New Designers in London this year; however I have been following the progress of some students via Instagram….here’s one of my faves……

Livia Chaia Papiernik

A graduate from the Royal School of Needlework, she enjoys playing with embroidery in contemporary ways, using unconventional materials.  Check out her website and Instagram.  Look out for her nod to Matisse!

Matisse for a new set of onlookers……..
Mixed media display, I love the use of the black and white graphics set against the colour.

So what other exhibitions have you all been visiting this summer?  Feel free to name and shame them here in our comments section 😉


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