The Ailist – Issue Fourteen

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!

This month I wanted to focus on these awesome kits by Bustle and Sew….I will be mentioning them again this month, but for now, check them out:

I was lucky enough to get gifted this one:

If you want to get your own, try this link!

I also got given another awesome botanical one to try.

What I liked about them (speaking as someone who dare I say it, doesn’t ‘do’ kits, is that they look more like stitched drawings, than formal and obviously from a kit.

I think they are a great way to get someone started in sewing, as they are all quite achievable.

Anyway, check out their website and online shop to get more info on each one!

In other news, I was lucky enough to get commissioned to create a print design inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci by The Craft Design House for The Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland.

I sent my range of works up last month and got a chance to visit to see the collection and of course the exhibition they were to coincide with.  Sadly its over, but here is a sneak peak of my design:

Its available to purchase though this link.

As its a big celebration of Da Vinci’s work this year, check out all the various exhibitions happening all over the country; great for inspiration!

Till next time…

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