The Ailist – The Pilot Issue

The Ailist with Ailish Henderson

Although I currently write a lot of posts, this is my first “personal” column….thus this is the pilot issue!

What to describe myself as?  As a lecturer, writer, artist, designer……whatever I am or try and explain myself to be, I tend to see a lot of stuff which excites me, so I’m going to share it here once a month.

Two things for this issue:

Number one:

I love this artist so I wanted to share her work:  Megan Jane Mitchell.

She makes the sore look special…..It’s written in the scars……or stitched?

This artist uses the theme of scars to adorn imagery and body items, such as arm scars. I love how she embroiders a positive from a negative.

She covers themes such as body image within her work, stitching over posters:

Her profile can be viewed here 

Number Two:

I have just found out that I have been selected to be one of 50 designers to represent the North East of England at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Its on the 23rd and 24th of June for those who can make it.

So lots of work ahead, but here is a sneak peak of what I will be exhibiting…..

My own original repeat design on Silk Crepe de Chine shawl.

  So, fun times and late nights ahead I imagine!

Till next time………..


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