The Ailist – Issue Seven


Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!Ok, so its officially autumn.

Which means that its once again time for The Knitting and Stitching shows .

There are a number of different venues, so check out the one you want to attend (dates are scheduled for this month and next)

Who’s going?

I am always at Harrogate (not that I see much of the show, as I teach 24/7).

Thus in my spare flying seconds from one classroom to another, I have to be really aware of what is on that I don’t want to miss, as my time is so short.

I thought I would take a sneak peak at what is to come… (Please check The Knitting and Stitching show website for up to date news, as not all the artists are exhibiting at all of the shows)

You may have read our new column by Cas Holmes.  We are lucky to have her on board, as she has got her own exhibition at the show.  It is a collaborative gallery and we cant wait to see her work up close, having enjoyed reading her new book ‘Textile Landscape’.  Our review of the book itself will be launched soon here on our website!

Her new book

I’m personally looking forward to Jenni Dutton’s exhibition.  Its quite an emotional one.  The size of her pieces cant be described though a screen well enough, thus this will really be a treat to see the work up close.

One of Jenni Dutton’s pieces.

Other galleries which look promising are:  Anne Kelly, Nigel Cheney and the RSN (I will have of course missed loads out here, so make sure you get a look at the programmes for each show).

Throw back to 2013 when I has my own mini exhibition and demonstration stand with Art Van Go at the Harrogate venue.

On a personal note, thought I would share with you the real life and times of what it is to be a “starving designer”….

On my own website I currently showcase my own ranges of printed textiles, available to purchase.  Having attended a couple of shows over the summer, I had neglected to replenish my stock levels.  Thus, when I suddenly got an order from New Zealand (after doing a little chair dance), I realised the item ordered was the ONLY one I didn’t have in my possession.  Thus a panic call to my printers in Edinburgh. Thank goodness I had a lovely patient customer on my hands, who was willing to wait!

So there is a lesson for all of us…if money allows, make sure you are positive about your work and keep all your items in stock 😉

                (For all of you who wanted to know what the offending item was……)

Till dare I say it….cold November 🙁

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