The Ailist – Issue Six


Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!Okay so it’s nearly Autumn and the whole Summer Exhibition thing is pretty much over.  However there is still loads out there to see and it’s not just London based!  So I have decided to tailor my column this month to an Edinburgh Fringe special edition…

Every year, I tend to be blinded by the whole theatre / comedy angle and forget how much of it is art based.  So I took a couple of trips to spy out what Textile art there was on offer…..

White Stuff, yup that’s right, the clothing brand is hosting CRAFT Summer Show 2018 on their top floor (sadly its over now, but generally comes every year for the month of August).

It is not just textiles on offer there, but these pieces by Lauren Smith are a great example of how embroidery can sit alongside other disciplines…beautiful, wearable art:

One of Lauren Smiths brooches.

From CRAFTS I walked back to the train station at Waverly to visit the City Arts Centre which currently stocks my own printed textiles, based on my original art and embroidery……….

From paint to fabric, I have a whole collection available to view and purchase at The City Arts Centre.

Then on to the next place…Dovecot Studios on the other side of Edinburgh (more the old side) has just opened its Liberty Art Fashion and Fabrics exhibition.  This one is open right through this year into January 2019; so you’ve got plenty of time to get there!

I loved the glass tables full of the historical drawings and samples.

It wasn’t just all older clothing, the exhibition showed how Liberty prints are current and have been used by designers recently:

Richard Quinn – Liberty print adaptation – Foil jacket 2016

Okay, its not all embroidery based, but the designs themselves are so inspirational.  It goes through the decades of Liberty and all the fashions which have coincided with it.

As a part of the Fringe, there was a one off two day event there too, organised by James Donald Cloth#18

On the upper level of this gallery / studio, about twenty artists and designers showcased their pieces.  There are not enough of these pop up events, so this was a real find.  I am hoping they do the same thing next year!

Here’s one of my favourite pieces……….

Corsetry with Scottish themed embroidery on beautiful tweed, by Mairi Brown

So, Edinburgh Fringe, you’ve taught me that there’s more to you than pop up laughs and street theatre.  If you can get there next year, do!

Till next time….









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