The Ailist – Issue Three

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!In which I give proof you can get inspired in a department store…and give a shameless plug to the up and coming Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair I am a part of this month……

Beginning with a bit of insp……

I am walking through a well known department store, only to find the new Max Mara collection has artist Richard Saja as a collaborator…have a look at these beauts:

The toile de jouy material has been embroidered in part to highlight the unexpected, for example a horses saddle or a characters face.
He has a way with a narrative, changing the “story” of the fabric to become something else.

Sooooo, personally I think this is clear evidence that it’s always a good idea to go out and get a sneaky coffee…its blatantly always inspirational 😉

On another note, I have previously mentioned that I am doing The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at The Biscuit Factory June 23/34.

It’s free entry, so if you can, please come say hello.

If you want a preview, I have a small sample collection available online.

I will have everything from postcards…..
…to my very own collection of “Lady-Chiefs” , basically your go-to piece, which can be used as a neck-tie, hair-tie, wrist-tie….and of course as a shirt pocket decoration or dare I say it, as its normal use….a hankie!

Will report back in July should I survive……….

Ailish Henderson

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