The Ailist – Issue Two

For this second issue, I want to focus on what I have been visiting or want to visit in my local area of the North East of England…

I’m good at complaining that there is nothing going on art / textiles wise in my area….however practically on my doorstep, I walked into The Baltic Gateshead a couple of weeks ago, to find an Artists Boor Market.  Basically this comprised of independent artists along with students from the local universities showcasing their wares.  ‘Did it have a textile angle?’ I hear you ask….actually yes!

Textile related books were on offer alongside tactile wares

Many students had brought along their sketchbooks, often made from fabric instead of paper…so you can imagine where I spent most of my time….the lesson is – don’t judge a book by its cover – don’t judge an area by what you imagine isn’t there. 

On the same note, I keep seeing Grayson Perry exhibitions being advertised; yet they always seem to be in the South.  Why not come a little nearer?  I ask.  So guess what, he did.

Opening just TODAY at The Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead:  Grayson Perry | Julie Cope’s Grand Tour: The Story of a Life. 

This touring exhibition comprises of two large tapestries, full of life and narrative.  So, at the time of writing this I have not been able to visit (imagine me there today)…but hey, once again a lesson learned…look at what’s coming on locally and suddenly that need to journey miles for exhibitions might note be needed!  (It is on till July by the way)

Till next time….

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