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Call her Angel Tan or Mariangela Tan or PlushPLAY, here is an artist who connects needle to wool in her own special way. Examples? Yes, here are those:

I like to imagine that this is what animal purgatory looks like:

You must look at the other photos of this Sextopus because he’s got a hat and six legs but also three faces!

This is called Krang, but it’s also probably what my brain looks like when I have to wait for more than 3 minutes for pretty much anything:

You can find so much more good, good poking by Angel Tan on her website as well as her flickr stream.


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Moxie Lieberman is an American artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her primary medium is needle felting, but Moxie expresses ideas with embroidery, cross stitch, e-textiles and more.
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