Multiple Stitchgasm! – Arrested Development: The Hand Embroidery Edition

It's another stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!

Annyong!  Welcome to the second part of our Arrested Development themed Stitchgasms!

We’re so glad that they’ve unmade a huge mistake and are bringing it back to our screens tomorrow, that we have A.D. themed stitches coming at you all day!  There are dozens of them! Dozens!

Gob by Lucky Jackson

Gob Hoopla by Lucky Jackson

Buster Bluth by The Stitch EmporiumBuster Bluth Embroidery by The Stitch Emporium

Banana Stand by lucylocketstitchesBanana Stand by LucyLocketStitches

Buster Bluth Monster by JamieI’m a Monster! by Jamie

Better than a banger in the mouth? We think so!


Leigh Bowser is a BA (Hons) Textile Craft graduate and free hand machine embroiderer, specialising in portraiture of both pets and people! See her work at!