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I’m going back to my roots a little for this April post.
Back before Etsy existed I used to make more traditional bears, I don’t have photographic evidence but there are probably still some in circulation with members of my family.
There’s nothing quite like a traditional teddy, something about them makes me feel like a child again and they always look like they are just waiting for a hug.
I remember my brother having a Merrythought Cheeky bear, I don’t know what happened to it, whether it was given away or lost but one day I would like to have my own. The design is so distinctive and those low set ear have a bell in them.


merrythought cheeky bear
Terry by For Art and You on Etsy is very traditional. his sparse brown mohair and the way his face is trimmed makes him look like an old man. His limbs and neck are jointed and he has wool felt paws and glass eyes.


Terry by forartandyou
If you feel that your sewing skills are up to it Make Your Own bear have this lovely pattern for a 5″ tall bear. The pattern is designed by Sasha Pokrass.


bear pattern by makeyourownbear
And sometimes an artist bear isn’t a bear, Darcy the kitten by MoonBeary also measures just 5″ tall but the details on her are amazing. She has hand painted glass eyes and her whiskers are made with hairs from a horse’s mane (no animals harmed).


Darcy kitten by moonbeary
Lastly this tiny 2″ tall bear by My Happy Teddy just had to be included for maximum cute in a tiny little package.

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Box-It Front View


miniature bear by myhappyteddy


Becky Gould is the big kid behind Scrumptious Delight. Working from her home in Vancouver, BC she makes plush toys and soft sculptures that combine a love of food, all things furry and an unnatural appreciation of small appliances.

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