Margaret Yates

Marg Yates is a textile and mixed media artist living and working in North Staffordshire. A recent graduate from Derby University's foundation degree in Creative Art and Design practice she is a member of the Take Ten artists collective (FB: TakeTenArtists). She uses natural dyes in her explorations of colour and texture and exhibits and sells her work at venues across the North Midlands. Instagram: @margyatesart FB: Margyates Art

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Living for Dyeing – Dyeing Heroes and Heroines

  This month I’m talking about the heroes and (usually) heroines of the dyeing world.…

Living for Dyeing – Too Much Red Tape

Ever since I started using natural dyes I’ve been intrigued by descriptions of dyeing silk…

Living for Dyeing – Searching for Red

Dyeing isn’t the only thing I do but I find I’m doing it a lot! …