Craftster Pick of The Month – Eowynt’s BB-8 Quilt

Eowynt's BB-8 Quilt
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Craftster Pick of the Month

Since 2003, Craftster has been the home of indie crafts, with thousands of people sharing their own creations across a wide range of craft forms. We love Craftster and each month we choose a piece from the world of needlecraft to share with you!. (Note: Although they’re the pick of this month, they may have appeared before this month.)

Eowynt recreated everyone’s favorite ball droid in fabric format with her BB-8 quilt! The force is strong with this one!

Eowynt's BB-8 Quilt

And on the reverse, she created XWings, also called Bowtie Blocks by those in the know.

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Eowynt's BB-8 Quilt - reverse

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