Stitchgasm – Ben Venom – All The Aces

Ben Venom - All The Aces (2013) - Quilt
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It's another stitchgasm from Mr X Stitch!

Ben Venom gives me a stitchgasm every damn time. You can enjoy this piece – All The Aces – at the Jonathan Levine Gallery as part of a stellar lineup.

Ben Venom - All The Aces (2013) - Quilt

“Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Cruel Summer, a group exhibition curated by collector, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman.

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“Cruel Summer will take place in both locations of Jonathan LeVine Gallery (557C West 23rd Street & 529 West 20th Street, in Chelsea) and feature works by over 20 artists, including: Ben Venom, Blade, Caleb Neelon, Cleon Peterson, Cope, Dabs Myla, Eric Haze, Finok, Freedom, Horfe, HuskMitNavn, Mark Bode, Maya Hayuk, Mike Ballard (Cept), Mike Giant, Niagara, Pose, Revok, Rime, Risk, Sam Friedman, Shepard Fairey, Tim Conlon and Victor Reyes”

See more Ben Venom here and here (NSFW).

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