Multiple Stitchgasm Monday – PQ Blinded by Science Swap, Part 1

It's Multiple Stitchgasm Monday!

Wow! Give the talented artists of the Phat Quarter a good theme and you will be blown away by the quality and variety of embroidered artwork they produce.

A little background: The Phat Quarter is the flickr group for the Mr X Stitch community. We host wonderful swaps several times a year.

I think of these swaps as creative prompts — we provide a theme (for example, toys, music, the 1980s) and the talented members of the Phat Quarter sign up to make and receive an original piece of stitched artwork related in some way to the theme.

This Spring, 19 stitch artists from around the world set their creative energy to the task of making artwork on the theme “Blinded by Science” and, egads, they completely outdid themselves! Come have a look at their work.

Embroidery Faux Botanical Embroidery by Sarah Hennessey

Phat Quarter Swap Spring 2013

Swap Bat, My Love by What Is Reality Plushies

Swap Bat, my love.

Tesla Tower by xsilverdaisyx

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More to come in a bit!