Multiple Stitchgasm Monday – PQ Blinded by Science Swap, Part 2

It's Multiple Stitchgasm Monday!

It's Multiple Stitchgasm Monday!

More amazing embroidered work by the insanely talented artists of the Phat Quarter from the Blinded by Science Swap this Spring.

The Earth and Its Layers by Jessica Kelly

The Earth and Its Layers: open

Chroma de Newton by cocoaeyes (yours truly)

Chroma de Newton

Nikola Tesla by RayR00 (I’m the lucky one who got this piece! It LIGHTS up!!)

Nikola Tesla

Curvy Humerus by Wallflower Arts


See Also

xkcd – the difference by Crafty & Devious

xkcd - the difference

Okapi by Brodwaith


Crazy great artwork, no? More Phat Quarter stitching to come in a bit….