Bon Anniversaire!

Today is the six month anniversary of the Mr X Stitch blog!!!

Awesome. I never thought I’d make it this far, let alone come up with something that is fast becoming the No 1 contemporary embroidery blog on the planet.

So let’s celebrate!

Before we gets to the celebrating, Beefranck (High Priestess of Ironic Stitchery) and I want you to help us:
We want you to tell us about people that you find who are doing groovy things in the embroidery world. We’re doing quite a good job of finding people on the interweb, but we’d love you to dig around and find other people for us to post about.
What other post threads do you think we should do on here? We hope to do at least one regular post a day, and we’ve got a couple of days going spare where we could feature specialised post threads. Whaddya want to know?
– And we want you to help us grow. We want you to tell other people about this blog. If they think embroidery is lame, once you’ve stopped slapping them, tell them to come and look at this blog. We know they’ll love it as much as you do. The more people we get coming here, the more ideas we’re gonna get, the more posts we’ll do and so on. It could be awesome. So help us spread the word!

So that’s the recruitment bit done. Now on to the goodies!
Over the next seven days there will be seven Cutting & Stitching Edge posts about contemporary embroidery, just so you realise that this is the place to find out about the newest embroidery pioneers out there. And we’ve got some great ones for you!
As if that wasn’t good enough, we’re giving you the chance to win my latest piece of work, the recycled time travel cross stitch!

This piece has received rave reviews from the fine folks on Craftster and Flickr, including such comments as “the awesomest thing I’ve seen in a long time“, “an ingenious idea” and “brilliant and hilarious all at the same time“. And it can be yours for keeps!
All you have to do is leave a comment on one of the Cutting Edge posts over the next week and if your comment is chosen by the fine folks over at the Emergency Pants podcast on 10th March, it will be yours! How good is that?!
You might want to some effort into the comments, as I know those Emergency Pantsters and they don’t like boring things!

And as if that wasn’t enough – and I don’t know why it isn’t – we are also celebrating the release of the amazing Mr X Stitch Hits Volume 2 – The Sap Is Rising. This little mix CD has an hour of groovy tunes designed to make you feel uplifted and happy about life in general! If you would like a copy of this exclusive mix, which isn’t available in the shops (for possibly obvious reasons) email me with the answers to the questions above and any other amazing comments you’d like to share! It’s all about the love, people! 🙂

So come and get some of that Mr X Stitch madness! Six months in and we’re well on the way to taking over this embroidery world!

Thanks to Cake Wrecks for the photo!

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