Book Review – Do It Yourself Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean
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If you’re the kind of person who loves making personalised cross stitches for your friends and family, Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean is right up your alley!

Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

Stitch People is packed with a wide range basic people templates that can be customised to create portraits that really reflect the people you know and love. Lizzy has been developing the concept for a few years and has a charming philosophy about the idea:

“I believe the greatest way to customize an individual for a cross-stitch portrait is with their hair color, hair style, and clothing choices, as well as with their placement and position within the portrait.

“Think about it! Grandpa’s distinct bald head, or your teenage niece’s moody black hair that hangs at a steep angle across her face are distinctive traits that can be easily incorporated into a Stitch People portrait. And what better way to tell a family’s story than to put Grandpa next to Grandma, little Johnny next to his favorite pal (the family dog), or Mom and Dad in the center of the portrait with their mini-me daughter and and son on either side?”

Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

She’s right. We all know how wonderful it is to make a personalised gift for a loved one and Stitch People gives you a wealth of ideas to really tug at those heart strings create something special.

Lizzy’s found a simple formula for her designs, and then taken the time to create a ton of variables in hair and body types that create thousands of possible combinations. Also included in the book are cats, dogs and a few alphabets to help complete your personalised pieces.

Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

The book contains stitching instructions at the start and some framing suggestions at the back, giving you pretty much all you’d need to produce a completed piece. The layout is clean, it’s ring bound (something I always like for an instruction book) the instructions are clear and the pattern pages are a decent size – you can’t go far wrong.

Stitch People is self-published and therefore it’s not as cheap as your average stitching book, but then Lizzy’s not been supported by a huge industrial production system that can drive down prices, so I think the extra cost is a worthwhile price to pay.

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Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

Stitch People is a terrific resource for anyone who wants to make personalised cross stitches and Lizzy deserves high praise for the love and attention she’s put into the work. You can pick up your copy via the Stitch People website – tell them Mr X Stitch sent you!

Stitch People by Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean

But wait! We’ve got a copy of Stitch People for you to win!

All you have to do is tell us a funny anecdote about your family in the comments below and we’ll pick one at random to be the winner! You have until Sunday 7th June to leave a comment and then I’ll use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Good luck!

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  • So many to choose from,
    I was nearly an hour early for my own wedding, quite a big do, so spent the time sort of sunbathing my dress was fitted so much easier lying down than trying to sit on the church wall.

  • The birthdays of my brother and me are only two days apart. When we were teens, we gave each other gifts that impressed others. I,d give him an envelop with 100 gulden ( about 80 pounds). It were the eighties, so that was a large amount. Two days later, my brother would give me an envelop with 100 gulden. Yes, the same envelop, the same money. We’re from Holland, so you could call this the Ultimate Dutch Treat 🙂

  • One time while my mom was cooking in the kitchen, my little brother burst into the house and said he really needed some flour. My mom didn’t think much of it and handed him a half cup of flour. He shook his head vehemently and said he really needed A LOT of flour. When my mom asked why, he said, “Daddy’s on fire!”. My mother, in a complete daze, grabbed the bag of flour and followed my brother outside. My brother demanded the flour, and my mom, still in complete shock, handed it to him. He then ran around the house where my dad was calmly mowing the grass on a riding mower. My little brother ran up to him and threw the flour all over him. My dad jumped off the mower and angrily demanded to know what the problem was. My brother screamed, “Daddy, you’re on fire!”. My dad was confused until he noticed that the bottom part of the mower was indeed on fire. My mother cried upon realizing her husband wasn’t actually on fire, and my dad thanked my little brother for attempting to save his life. It turned out it was fire safety week at school, so my brother tried to be a hero like the real fire fighters. Why he didn’t just tell my dad the lawn mower was on fire is still a mystery.

  • Having a few brothers and sisters, my dad once said everyone elses name while trying to say my name…including the dogs non human name!!!!

  • One Halloween I asked my young nephew to share a Kit Kat with me from his candy stash, he looked horrified and and said no, way. I went back to handing out candy to the kids at the door and about 15 mins later my nephew came back up to me with candy he was prepared to share and handing me a pack of Smarties, said ” here auntie, you can have these, they taste like circles”. Best Halloween yet.

  • The day before mothers day – I’m 7 and my brother, Chris, (mama’s boy) is 5.
    Dad invites us into the basement and whispers that he bought a watch for Mom for Mothers Day. He takes a toy truck off the top shelf and shows us the watch hidden inside. We promise to keep it a secret until tomorrow. How exctitng!
    We turn around to head back, and Chris goes sprinting up the stairs to mom singing “The watch is in the truck, the watch is in the truck!” We still sing that to him 25 years later.

  • With a 9 month old daughter most anecdotes involve poo that were not funny at the time of happening! But before she arrived we moved house and our new neighbours were chatting to my husband and asked him whether he was living with his parents! Just hope they didn’t think I was his mum!

    • Ain’t nothing wrong with a poo based anecdote. At least for the first couple of years. When your daughter’s fifteen, it might seem a bit strange. 🙂

  • When I was doing my paper round I put my clock forward an hour for BST before going to bed. Whilst I was asleep my brother did the rest of the clocks and put mine forward another hour. It wasn’t till I got to the shop and had been waiting half an hour that I realised something was wrong. He swears to this day that it wasn’t deliberate!

  • My sister obviously used to love having to accompany me home from school. So much so she would take great delight in informing me that Mum wouldn’t be home when we got back as she had left us; or tell me that I was adopted; or that the reason I didn’t look like Dad was that he wasn’t my real Dad. We get on better now…..

  • I am my parents’s first child, and have younger sister and brother.
    When I was young, I dreamed about having a big brother (like my girlfriends).
    My parents told me : “You should have asked earlier”.

  • When my daughter was in kindergarten I used to put her clean folded laundry in sorted piles in her room, which sometimes happened at night after she had gone to sleep. One morning she came into my room so bundled up in clothes that her arms were sticking out from her sides and asked, “Mom, do I really have to wear all these shirts?” She thought the laundry pile was an outfit I laid out for her the night before and had dutifully proceeded to put them all on.

  • Walked past the nursery and heard my husband say ‘why are you crying baby? daddy should be the one crying!’ turns out he had been freshly pooped on while trying to change our son!

  • My 4 year old son has really curly hair that is about 5 inches long (when stretched out) and people often ask him when he’s getting a haircut. He’s had two already and each time had 2 inches cut off. Now that he’s older I’ve given him the choice for whether he wants a haircut or not. He decided against it. But when people ask him he responds with, “No, because I’m hot!” Not quite sure where he got that from, but it makes everyone laugh.

  • I guess I’ll go with the time we were watching the post game fireworks outside the stadium downtown Cleveland and my 4 year old son took off running. There was 3 other kids and 4 adults chasing him through the streets we learned we had to hang onto him at fireworks shows

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