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Monsters eh? Sometimes scary, sometimes not-so-scary, always popular. If you’ve got little monsters in your household, Fiona Goble’s new book, Make a Monster: Over 15 Easy-to-make Fleecie Toys You’ll Love to Sew, will help you tame them.

Fiona’s book contains the patterns for 15 different monsters for you to try and they seem like quite a friendly bunch. The designs vary in difficulty as you progress through the book; each monster comes with a full set of instructions and there are templates at the back of the book to give you everything you need.

The monsters are very characterful and charming; there’s bound to be someone that takes your fancy and with Fiona’s clear and thorough instructions you should have no problem in creating your own creatures at all. There are plenty of tops tips peppered throughout the book and you’ll enjoy making these beasts your own!

Make a Monster is published by New Holland Publishers and available from all good retailers.

If you are a UK resident you can use the discount code XSTITCH to claim a 20% discount and free postage and packing if you buy the book from New Holland! Awesome!*


Competition Time – Win this book!

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We have one copy of the book for you to win and it’s easy peasy to do so!

It’s a two part contest:

  1. Add your details to our mailing list**
  2. Tell us who your favourite monster is and why!

The closing date for entries is Friday 6th May, when a winner will be chosen by the random number generator and we will post the result.

*Offer ends 1st September 2011

**We promise we won’t be evil with your information, we just want to be able to share Mr X Stitch news with you and pick your brains from time to time.

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  • my favorite monster is probably one of the blue meanies from the Yellow Submarine movie, mostly because they look so silly and ridiculous.

  • My all time favorite is a monster named Eduardo from the children’s cartoon named “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”. “I like…I like fried potatoes. I like mashed potatoes. I like…I like…scalloped potatoes.” Too funny!

  • My favourite monster has to be… I’m not sure if they can really be classed as monsters, but the baby-faced masked hunching THINGS from Brazil were without a doubt the most terrifying things I have ever seen in film ever.

    They even trump the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. And that thing had me squeeling and kicking my legs up off the floor like I was a kid watching B movies past bedtime again.

  • Do daleks count as monsters? If not then I guess I have to go with Eduardo, too, ’cause he’s just so awesome and funny.

  • Jim Henson is my favorite monster creator, but my favorite monster is sitting on my lap. He would like to say a little something:

    dhfnmfjbjbn bvnnnnnnvnb dhdbgklkkkjhjjghjjffghfh fhfjffdgfhgvf

  • So hard to pick a fave, all the classics inspire me to stitch my own monsters, would love to get my hands on this book:)

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