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Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman & Sarah Skeate

Like Zombies? Like plush toys? Then this book is the book of your dreams!

Zombie Felties contains 16 recipes to make undead creatures out of felt. The patterns get more complicated as you work through the book, but there’s something for you to get stuck into regardless of your skill level.

The characters are pretty cool, my personal favourite was the Zombie Puppy, but some of the later characters such as the Zombie Bride do a good job of combining cute and mildly disturbing.

Each pattern comes with clear instructions; one page explains what to do and is accompanied by a page of illustrations for each step, and this makes the patterns virtually foolproof.

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I think this is a great book for getting people started with making plush toys. You cannot beat a bit of zombie action – and it’s a fantastic way to get people into crafts. You can buy them book on Amazon here and at all good bookstores.
Now, where’s the pirates vs ninjas toy book, eh?

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  • I’d love to see a plushie book ala Sprite Stitch – Lemmings, pokemon, all sorts of game plushies.

    Thoroughly geek. But it would be so much fun 🙂

  • hahaha, I agree with Gemma, I’d love to see Japanese anime character or disney character plushies

    Themed plushies like woodland or underwater would also be interesting to try to make

  • I want more plushies with joints. I love being able to pose them. Also I’m a huge fan of Sock Monkeys with pictures by Arne Svenson. So great.

  • I like the idea of horror plushies. Maybe a book of horror plushies themed for Christmas. Posable Christmas Felt Horror Dolls!

  • I’m not big on Plushies. Oh sure they’re cute but I’ve never had the urge to make them – until I saw this book. What do I want to see? More Zombies!!! Maybe werewolves, bats, and vampires too.

  • OMG, I’d love to work my way through a Pirates vs. Ninja felt book.
    I’m thinking of making my own Cthuluh 🙂

  • I would love to see a book of different methods of making teddy bears. I love all teddy bears, from the very most adorable and classic to the strangest, ugliest little guys you can find (some of which have been made by me). An anthology of variations would be really cool, and you could learn a lot about how to draft your own patterns for any kind of plushie by studying the differences.

  • I’d love a book of plushie international landmarks. Who wouldn’t like a cuddly Eiffel Tower on his or her desk? Or a Great Wall surrounding it?

  • I’d like to a book teaching me how to make plush birds of all sorts and sizes. I’ve tried it patternless before, but the end result was decidedly un-birdlike.

  • Plushie monsters are always cute! Little vamps, ghouls and bogeys. I’d love to see more of those in print

  • A Zombie plushie book is pretty hard to beat, and I love the Ninja vs Pirate idea too. But I think the ultimate would be felt incarnations of some of the beasts from the paintings of Hiernoymous Bosch. Especially the Temptation of St Anthony. A man and a woman riding a flying fish, a Death of Rats in a green cloak playing a harp…. It’s the original creepy cute.

  • A geek book would be awesome. Or maybe a pop culture type book that would show how to make Gir or Firefly peeps, like ‘famous awesome canceled-too-soon show plushes’!

  • Oh my word, such awesome ideas already listed and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of “Zombie Felties”!!!
    I would love a plush toy book of vices (a pack of smokes, alcohol bottle, foods with tons of cholesterol, pills, etc) or one of roller derby girls and guys and their supplies or one with ninjas and ninja weapons…

  • An astronomy themed plushie book with astronauts and aliens and beginners instructions for how to juggle plushie planets of the Solar System.

  • I’m an internet junkie, so I’d love to see a book of plush memes. Maybe a little Antoine Dodson, the forever lonely guy, sad Keanu, Strutting Leo, and basically anything that is awesome on the interbutts.

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