Too Cute Tuesday – Bugambilö’s Galatea

How clever and lovely is this negative space embroidery by Bugambilö?

Bugambilö's Galatea
Bugambilö’s Galatea. Hand embroidery.

The hues of her fishbone stitch leaves form a playful color wheel around a sweet, simple, expressive cat face. So charming.

Be sure to spend some time with Bugambilö’s flickr stream and website for lots of creative stitching.

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Olisa Corcoran is a stitch artist and blogger living in Durham, NC. She speaks fluent Nuyorican and always keeps her dial turned to 11.

One thought on “Too Cute Tuesday – Bugambilö’s Galatea

  • I rescue stray and feral cats, and when I saw this I just fell I’m love w/ it! Is it possibly available for purchase? Either way, I greatly appreciate your time. Thanks so much.

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