Too Cute Tuesday – Tiny Armchair and TV by Caffaknitted

Spectacular combination: Mid Century artifacts and tiny plush sculpture!

Tiny armchair & TV by caffaknitted, 2014.
Tiny armchair & TV by caffaknitted, 2014.

Katie Boyette, a.k.a. Caffaknitted, delivers both with her tiny knitted armchair and television. What a perfect scene. Be sure to visit her blog post to read more about this piece. She features other tiny lovelies there, like a record player and a guitar.

For more of her inventive, playful work and to see her knitted designs, check out her flickr stream and shop.

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Olisa Corcoran is a stitch artist and blogger living in Durham, NC. She speaks fluent Nuyorican and always keeps her dial turned to 11.