Call for Artists – Mr X Stitch Curates… Bedford, April 2014

Bedpop pop up shop

Greetings one and all!

I’ve been given the opportunity to curate an exhibition of embroidery in the Bedpop pop up shop in the Bedford town centre. Bedford is the town I lived in when I was just little old Master X Stitch, so it’s an honour to be given this chance.

I want to provide a good mix of embroidery types and I’m going to be working with the local Embroiderers Guild to make the local connection, but I also want to give you guys a chance to be involved!

I’m looking for stitched works of all types – the only criteria for acceptance is that I think it’s good. Pretty simple huh?
I’m keen to see works on unusual surfaces, or works that will change the way people think about stitch. Dark content is fine, rude content is not.

If you have work you’d like to showcase, please send me images and descriptions of your work by email.

The installation date is 27th April 2014, and therefore the closing date for submissions is Sunday 5th April.

There is no charge for submissions, however you will be required to cover the cost of shipping both ways yourself, so if you’re on the other side of the planet, it might not be the show for you. Don’t take it personally. 🙂

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