When embroidery and needlecraft end up in the homestead – that’s Domestitchery!

MadX Stitcher's Marvin the Android Embroidered Tea Towel
Stitchgasm – Marvin The Android

I think we all have days like this – poor old Marvin. MadX Stitcher immortalised…

Monster & Exorcist Pillows By Lisa Adams
Stitchgasm – DottyStitches’ Horror Pillows

Thanks to Abby for telling me about these awesome cross stitched horror movie poster cushions…

OldTymeNotion's Big Lebowski Dream Latch Hook Rug
Stitchgasm – Big Lebowski Dream Rug

We don’t really do much latch hook stuff on here, but when I saw this…

Freddy Mercury pillow by Telahmarie
Stitchgasm – Freddie Mercury Pillow

There’s something kinda special about Telahmarie‘s latest pillow. It’s a kind of magic.  

Weenie - a little hot dog by Mellisea
NSFW Saturday – Lindsay Joy’s Mom’s Cushion

Hi everybody! It’s Saturday, and you know what that means – so if you’re ready,…