Quilty Pleasures

With curated content from some of the world’s best quilt artists, Quilty Pleasures will inspire and amaze you to enjoy this familiar art form. Quilty Pleasures – exclusive to Mr X Stitch!

Betty Busby - Abyss 2 - Art Quilt
Quilty Pleasures – Betty Busby: Depth of Life in Quilt Form

A few weeks ago I attended the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta here in New Mexico.…

Ben Venom & Mr X Stitch
Ben Venom – All This Mayhem

As mentioned in a previous post, the heavy metal quilting sensation that is Ben Venom…

One of the stories
Quilty Pleasures – Just One Quilt Campaign

I must admit that I started this particular post several times and kept starting over.…

Becky Grover art quilt utilizing cross stitch in the quilting process
Quilty Pleasures – Becky Grover, A Creative Magpie

For my first Quilty Pleasures column I scoured the internet, getting lost in the vast…

Lindsey Degen Smile Quilt
Quilty Pleasures: Piecework Collective Show in NY Sept. 20th-23rd

Hey All! My name is Andrea Alonge and I’m a fiber artist based in Seattle,…