Craftivist Collective

Find out about the slow activism projects run by the Craftvist Collective – changing the world one stitch at a time.

Keith Clark's Cross Stitched Credit Card
Stitchgasm – Keith Clark’s Bank Card

Big props to manbroiderer Keith Clark who came up with a great piece of craftivism…

Craftivist Collective Icon
Craftivist Collective – Stitchable Change Makers

Love this video from the Craftivist Collective about their recent Stitchable Change Makers project! I…

Craftivist wellMAKING Garden Flowers
Craftivist Collective – The #wellMAKING Garden

More than 750 knitted, crocheted and stitched flowers made an eye-catching focal point at the…

me with my #popupcraftivist suitcase. I often pop up in parks & public spaces and tweet, Foursquare & Instagram where I am so people can come join in some stitching or just a chat.
Craftivist Collective: Activism for Introverts

We believe that there are lots of ingredients needed to create effective craftivism activities that…

I made this ‘Craftivism Tree’ to remind me to be more strategic and therefore effective in my craftivism. What do you think?
Craftivist Collective: Craftivism Tree Roots for effective craftivism

  Over New Year I finally got around to starting (and finishing!) my embroidered craftivism…