Sequintial Art

Join the team at Hawthorne & Heaney as they explore the world of fashion embroidery in Sequintial Art – exclusive to Mr X Stitch!

Givenchy Beading And Lacework
Sequintial Art – Tambour Beading Unravelled

There are many different beading techniques available today and many of them are used in…

Contemporary Gold Work Draft for Patrick Wolf / Lee Paton
Sequintial Art – Military Florals

After the success of James Long, PPQ and Sophie Hulme this season, it apparently still…

PPQ Military Gold Work Embroidered Hood
Sequintial Art – Surviving Fashion Week

Sitting here this morning I cannot believe how I survived these last two weeks, last…

Kanye West Spring/Summer 2012
Sequintial Art – Introductions

Hi, my name’s Claire Barrett and I am pleased to welcome you to Sequintial Art.…