A Stitchalicious in Time

Jacinta Lodge, aka Stitchalicious, shares hints, tips and practical suggestions to help you improve your needlework skills.

A sampler of a variety of filling stitches: in purple is chain stitch; green and pink, blankets stitch; blue, turkey knots; red, satin stitch; brown etc, lattice; mustard, burden stitch ; light blue, couched lattice.
Improving Your Stitch: Filling Stitches

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about filling stitches – specifically Satin Stitch and…

Looking for cross stitch tips? Mr X Stitch has you covered
Improving Your Stitch: 7 Kickass Cross Stitch Tips

In homage to our favourite Kingpin, and because it’s one of the “easy beginner” techniques,…

Jana Berezko Marggrander - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Improving Your Stitch: New World Record

Like a lot of people in the world, I’ve spent the last three weeks watching…

Violin Practice
Improving Your Stitch: Staying The Distance

Today I’m going to fore-go the technique side of becoming a better stitcher to talk about the…

Stitchalicious' crewel experiment
Improving Your Stitch: Go On, Touch It

Last post we were talking about filling stitches and how to perfect the shiny smooth…