A Stitchalicious in Time

Jacinta Lodge, aka Stitchalicious, shares hints, tips and practical suggestions to help you improve your needlework skills.

Stitchalicious' crewel experiment
Improving Your Stitch: Sampling Beyond The Alphabet

Over the years I’ve found myself in disagreement with a (very large) number of embroiderers…

Stitchalicious' free Kiaora cross stitch pattern
Improving Your Stitch: 7 Ways To Kickass Cross Stitch

In homage to our host, and because it’s one of the “easy beginner”techniques, I’m spending…

Stitchalicious' flaming heart
Improving Your Stitch: The Suck-Awesome Ratio

I’m clearly not alone (because you’re here reading this) in thinking that this new embroidery…