Stitchgasm! – Adam Jon Moore’s Challenger cross stitch

It's Multiple Stitchgasm Monday!

Not content with producing an epic Bea Arthur cross stitch, Adam Jon Moore is back with this powerful piece exploring the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Adam Jon Moore's Space Shuttle Challenger cross stitch

The Space Shuttle Challenger explosion in 1986 was one such event for me. It was a public event that the country watched together and mourned together. I was in second grade at the time and this was my first real sense of mortality and the finality of death. Christa McAuliffe was someone who I saw as an American hero and represented what it meant to dream big. More significantly, she represented the struggles that come along with achieving a dream. As a second grader, our class followed her journey closely. My teacher, as well as every teacher in the country, had a personal connection with her journey. In some respects, she was a very early prototype of a reality TV star, similar to what PBS’s “An American Family” was in the 1970s. My goal is to provoke lost memories and also to create a sense of emotion and nostalgia. The physical process and the labor involved in cross-stitching each piece is a cathartic process for me. Cross-stitch is not only a connection to my mother and grandmother, and her mother, it is also a way for me to process emotions I felt as an 8 year old but could not fully understand then. I hope my viewer finds the same catharsis and solace that my work brings to me.

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2 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – Adam Jon Moore’s Challenger cross stitch

  • So very cool of you to feature his work – The photos do not do these justice.

  • This is extraordinary. A heartfelt and passionate tribute to those moments in our lives that change us forever. Adam has created an unexpected yet powerful cross-stitch that truly embodies his artistic vision while also honoring the memories of those lost on that fateful day. Mission accomplished.

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