Too Cute Tuesday – Chloe Giordano

Read to your baby every day, embroidered book cover

It's another Too Cute for Mr X Stitch Tuesday!

So way back on 2014 we featured the work of Chloe Giordano (Check out the post here)

We love it when artists just keep on going, so we thought we would catch up with what she’s working on right now….

Read to your baby every day, embroidered book cover
Turns out she’s having a go at embroidering book covers, as a part of the illustration.  Not just books relating to Textiles or Embroidery mind!
Margaret Atwood
There’s an idea for all you embroiderers, wouldn’t we all want our work used as a front cover?

In September 2019 she will be publishing her very own embroidery book….look out for it coming out from Search Press, in fact, why wait, pre-order it right now through this link!

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In the meantime, why not check out her Instagram or Etsy?

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