Stitchgasm! – Mortal Angel’s Comic Book Icons

Back in the day I had a few comic book icon superhero patterns for sale at the Mr X Stitch etsy store. They’re no longer for sale but it’s really cool to receive emails from people who bought the patterns and finished them.

Hayley, aka Mortal Angel, has stitched two of these little beauties and has done a terrific job! So I am pleased to showcase Hellboy…

And Ghost Rider!

These are great and it’s really cool to see these finished pieces, so if you’ve bought a pattern from our etsy store, or if you’re suddenly realising that you should be buying our patterns, end us pictures when you’re done! We love it!

By the way, if you’re a comic creator and you want to make some cross stitch patterns with us, drop us a line!

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2 thoughts on “Stitchgasm! – Mortal Angel’s Comic Book Icons

  • These are awesome! Why did you stop selling these patterns?

    • I’m a massive comic fan and wanted to do cross stitch patterns that honoured my favourite characters, hence the patterns. However I didn’t fancy being sued by Marvel for copyright infringement, so I’ve withdrawn them for now. Which is a shame because I think they were awesome patterns…

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